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Sun Air Jets Adds Citation X to its Charter Fleet

Sun Air Jets is pleased to announce the addition of an elegantly appointed, wifi-equipped, eight passenger Citation X to its charter fleet.  This super-mid aircraft enables Sun Air to further respond to significant demand in the Southern California charter market with the added benefit of the unequaled service and travel experience the company is famous for. 


“The Citation X's speed, comfort, and style offers a best in class transportation experience for Sun Air's customers” stated Brian Counsil, Sun Air’s President and COO.  "The Citation X's ease of maintenance and customer support network are second to none,” according to Rob Cox, Sun Air’s Vice President and Director of Maintenance.  "The proven design concepts of the X series as well as the outstanding quality of the Citation product line ensures a dispatch rate that will meet or beat any comparable aircraft."

Sun Air's Global fleet continues to grow while providing luxurious, safe, reliable transportation throughout the world.  The ultra-high standards of customer service and safety provided by Sun Air ensure a "once in a lifetime" experience on every trip. 

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